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Kitty Urine Odor Removal Ideas

Kitty Urine Odor Removal Ideas

There is no mistaking the heavy, ammonia smell of cat urine. If your cat is simply urinating wherever they desires, or is spraying a stream of pee to mark territory, the result will be the same. This really is a strong odor that will impact a surprisingly large area of the home, even if the condition area is relatively small. You should actually account yourself blessed if you are able to spot a mess or a wet area on the rug or upholstery and get started dealing with it immediately. However, once the urine has dry, in most cases you will have to find it by smell or by by using a black light.

Odor Removal Once the Urine Is Found
When you find out the challenge area, it's important to take some care to remove the urine as completely as possible; not only for the reason of your nose, but to discourage your pet cat of considering that particular spot as your bathrooms.

The organic and natural compounds seen in kitten urine can pose some problems in removing the odor - some of the compounds are drinking water soluble, but the uric acid not only is capable of binding to adjacent surfaces, but is not soluble by drinking water. When you find fresh urine you should:

·            Clean up the urine from hard surfaces with a paper towel and use the same to bare urine in furniture or rugs. Don't use fabric unless you are able to chuck it away afterwards.
·            A great enzyme cleaner is your best choice for getting rid of cat urine. These cleansers are created specifically to break down the uric acid into ammonia and carbon dioxide, that will simply off gas naturally after.
·            Do not try to hasten the drying process after using an chemical cleaner since it stops the regular dissipation of the ammonia and carbon dioxide.
·            Use the best chemical cleaner possible - inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of feline urine.
·            Be generous when applying the cleaner; you should soak the concentrate on area to allow the enzymes to actually do their job.
·            After leaving the cleaner on for about one fourth of an hour, blot up, then let the spot dry obviously.

Although rugs are definitely the normal areas where your kitten may urinate, beds, settees, and clothing can even be sullied. Use the same process on these as you did on your square area rug. Slipcovers and clothing should be washed separately after they have been cared for with the enzyme clean. Spray marking will be found on a straight surface such as a door frame or couch leg.
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