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20 Things You Do Not Know (yet) About Cats. The 7 is Totally Delusional!

Cats are considered one of the sweetest animals that kept many people to buy and bred them, and despite the expansion and diversification of cats and familiarity with many of us some information about cats Methods of breeding and of various types and fed but there are still a lot of facts that we do not know and we are going in this article offer Top 10 facts you know about cats.

1. Stans human cats for nearly 8000 years
In December 2013, scientists found in a village in China bones for cats and analyzed, and found that it had fed to grain and that dates back to 8000 years showed the tooth sample as cats Had experienced a large Sunni scene, which means that a person can Stans cats since that date.
2. Cats meow simulating children crying
Cats emission several voices but in a 2009 study appeared to be the meow cat is the path followed by cats in the treatment of humans, rivaling the crying of children who cry until they get their goal , We do not find cats meowing each other but doing it when communicating with humans alone.

3. cats do not taste the sweets
Cats can not taste sweet foods like the rest of the animals because it lacks a tasting center of scientific desserts think this is due to what cats were fed with meat there was not Need to have a taste for sweets.

4. Abraham Lincoln loved cats
Abraham Lincoln was a dog lover but he was exceptionally a cat lover is the first American president to allow cats to live in the White House where he has four special cats and when asked his wife about his passes -time, she replied: "Cats", where he was serving hours Lincoln with cats.

5. cats names Groups
Each group of cats own name, where cats are called small group named Kindle and a big cat or extremely spokesman clowder

6. Great Britain has nearly 100,000 cats
Mrs. Elizabeth II is perhaps the reborn cats in the world where the British government feeds and cares for 100,000 cats as they have an important role in achieving ecological balance by eliminating mice.

7. Teen for cats
The age of the cat calculation method is quite different from man, as the cat develops quickly in the first months and adoption in the cat is here in adolescence, and reach maturity, Which is equivalent to 15 years of the human age when it becomes adopted two years each year from the age of the cat roughly equivalent to four years of human life.

8. Cat glow under the black light
Since the cat's body and fluids such as urine and protein increase compared to phosphorus, which makes them turn on when exposed to ultraviolet light, or as they are called "black light".

9. Distinguish colors
Cat has wonderful eyes and vision to enable night vision as it is only a sixth of what human needs the light you need to be able to see.

10. Cats Can Feel Your Feelings
Cats are one of the intelligent animals and keen mind and so be able to know the tone of your voice if you are angry or happy trying to talk to the cat a different sound than the usual tone them and you will be Surprised waterproof do on this subject, which is also able to predict the onset of earthquakes.

11. Cats can create more than 100 different sounds, only 10 dogs.

12. Cats fall asleep quite quickly but wake up just as quickly to see if there is any danger around them.

Cats never fall into a deep sleep, unlike humans.

13. One study suggests that having cats at home can increase the chances of developing mental illnesses and cause sociopathic and suicidal behavior among women.

The reason would be the presence of a parasite that would come from the litter of the cat. So, do not forget to clean it!

14. Do you know catnip? It is a herb that causes a strange reaction in cats when they sniff it.

In fact, it gives them a similar effect to marijuana or LSD on men. Cats usually stay "stone" for 10 minutes after sniffing! We'll try this ... ah ah!

15. A cat can carry babies of several different males during a single pregnancy!
16. Cats are, with humans, the only animals that prefer to be given things for free.

They do not have to do anything, rather than have to work and make efforts to get it. Also, they think that humans are simply oversized and lazy cats.

17. Taurine is a common ingredient in energy drinks, but few people know that it is also introduced into almost every cat food! Without Taurine, cats would lose their fur, their teeth and their sight.

Taurine also protects cats from certain heart diseases. To understand the why of how: taurine contains a lot of amino acids that cats do not produce naturally. So, by giving them taurine, we fill a deficiency that the body of

18. Japanese researchers have proved that cats recognize the voice of their master, but deliberately ignore it most of the time when they call!

Thus, cats pay attention to the voice of their master only when they are hungry, thirsty or else they have a little desire for tenderness ...

19. In the United States, 54% of cats are obese, the same statistics are found for dogs in this country.
In comparison, "only" 31% of American humans are obese.

20 . On average, cats spend two thirds of their day sleeping, which means that a 9 year old cat spent only 3 years of his awake life.

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