Saturday, July 22, 2017

What They Thought As Octopus Was A Kitten Epically Fighting For His Life!

The family members were enjoying their time on a boat trip when they came across what looked like an octopus from a descent far away.
A few days ago, as they were returning from their amazing boat ride, family members saw what they thought as an octopus hanging on a bench of oysters. But getting closer enough to the bridge, our guys got caught in an immense shock of surprise!

A kitten bravely fighting against certain death

It was by no way an octopus, but a tiny kitten struggling to stay alive as the tide began to rise. Panicked, the kitten slipped on the oysters and failed to fall into the water every moment.
"He was clinging to the oysters. From a distance, I immediately thought of an octopus, but as we approached, we discovered that it was actually a kitten, "explains Robert Gecy.

Trembling and very stressed, the kitten immediately began to call for help when he saw the family coming closer.

Taken to the vet, the kitten was checked up and proved be rather healthy. The small family then decides to officially adopt the kitten who is now called McTeer. After a good bath and some well-deserved hugs in his new home, McTeer was already much better and kept purring to thank his new family members. And even the 11 year-old cat of the family took the kitten under his paws!

Now loved and safe in his new home, McTeer can enjoy life and takes a lot of fun to wake up the whole household as early as 7 am by running around to play!

The kitten now is full of love and energy with the company of his new friends who are delighted to have crossed the road of McTeer.

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