Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Graphic Designer Adopts A Little Kitten And Takes Her To Work, The Latter Completely Changes The Workplace!

This graphic designer became a host family for a few weeks old lovely hairball that needs to be fed every 4 hours. So she took it with her to the office and the little one fill in place with joy.
Caring for a kitten before weaning is a full-time job! Indeed, a little feline needs several feeding bottles a day, love 24/24, and must be carefully watched. That's why this American employee, who has decided to become a host family for a local shelter, now goes to work with her little orphaned kitten, Joey. The latter loves her human mum and all her colleagues and makes them know every day by encouraging them with her little meowings, her purrs and her irresistible boiling and sometimes she shows them her gratitude by "helping" them with her little paws.

A feline assistant

The keyboard bears no secrets for her, even if the texts that emerge are in an absolutely unknown language, just like the wires the phones that she regularly returns to their place when they go a little too much. Joey likes inspect the coffee cups of her colleagues, too, certainly to ensure that their drink was of quality!

And when she does not explore or play the personal assistant role, Joey naps on each employee’s desk in turn. At the end of an intense day of work, the little hardworking kitten is usually exhausted and find with pleasure the arms of her human mum for a well deserved sleep.

Everyone loves Joey, even the boss and she has become a real source of motivation and relaxation for the employees who take turns to give her her bottle and cuddle her.

At the office, the kitten receives all the maternal and paternal love it needs to grow and flourish. Everyone is pleased! One more evidence animals at work are a real advantage.


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