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10 Key Signs Of A Healthy Cat. Check Up For Your Own Cat!

A cat can enjoy a healthy life for more than fifteen years. For this, a regular check-up allows to detect problems in time.

1. A sharp eye

Source: chickensmoothie

It must have sparkling eye with a transparent cornea, a brilliant iris and a pinkish conjunctiva.
A piece of advice: the eye is glassy, ​​the eyes swollen, the eye closed or tearful. In the absence of care, a small wound can quickly become infected and worsen to the point of loss of vision.

2. A kitten's vitality

Source: Cuteness

A cat remains a player all his life. Originally, it is a predator. Conclusion? It keeps the reflexes of a hunter and everything that moves interests him!
Tip: you can notice that it no longer reacts at all to the movement of the toes under the quilt, or if in general it becomes apathetic.

3. A shiny coat

Source: thecatsite

Normally soft and shiny, dull hair can reveal a deficiency in vitamins or essential fatty acids.
Consult a vet if: crusts or plaques are formed (sign of allergy or skin infection), a suspicious size appears (fat ball or tumor), or knots impossible to disentangle.

4. Pink ears

Source: Wikipedia

The interior of the roof must be clean. If this is not the case, the excess earwax is cleaned with a cotton soaked in sweet almond oil (never with a cotton stem).
Consult if: the secretions are too abundant or that it scratches the ear. There may be a risk of ear infections.

5. Normal breath

Source: petMD

When all goes well, the gums are pale pink and the breath is acceptable. Rare in the kitten, the excess of tartar is frequent with the age (especially from 7 years).
Seek consult if: its breath is fetid (excess of tartar), its mucous membranes yellow (risk of hepatitis), or white (anemia).

6. Regular appetite

Source: catfacts

He visits his bowl 16 to 18 times a day? Until then, everything is fine: a cat always feeds in this way, in a multitude of small meals that correspond to the prey that it normally hunts in the nature.
It is consulted if: you see him making a permanent sitting before his bowl (bulimia), if he squirts his croquettes or empties his bowl of water in the morning.

7. Healthy weight

Source: pets4Homes

Very cute his little belly round, provided to feel his ribs to the touch. If not ? It is perhaps obese as are more than 40% of domestic cats.
One should consult if no longer feels his or her cat’s ribs at all, the base of his tail is thickened, and when one no longer sees his size drawing in profile.

8. A pleasure without respite

There is no more hedonist than a cat! His ability to take pleasure in every moment is even an anti-stress recognized by doctors. These confirm that the cohabitation with this animal reduces the body tension and decreases the frequencies of our cardiac rhythm.
Seek a vet’s advice if: your cat’s sleep is agitated, the places in the sun no longer interest him, he sulks cuddles and lands in the closets.

9. Perfect hygiene

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Useless to shower, it easily spends four hours a day to do his business! On the other hand, a weekly brushing (daily, for Persians) helps get rid of dead hair and impurities. It also stimulates the nerve endings and make it the same to the effect of  a Thai massage!
One should consult if the cat feels bad or neglects his toilet.

10. Careful claws

Source: animalWised

Rather than reprimand him when he bumps the sofa, offer him a scratching post! A cat naturally does that to sharpen his claws, but also to mark his sweet home by depositing his own odors (which we do not feel).

Seek a vet consult if: the claws are too troublesome, or if the claws are incarnated in the cushions.


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